SIENA Tourist guide

Tourist and hiking guide for Siena and the Tuscan cities

Telling, living and sharing stories of beauty, true stories, art stories
and millenarian traditions with curious travelers:
that’s my mission as a tour guide for Siena and nearby cities.

All this “for passion” and “with passion”.

Journey not only broaden the mind, it shapes the mind.


Come and discover the great timeless beauty of Siena and its territory.  It’s about tours of a few hours that will leave you with the desire to lose yourself in colors, sounds, art, tradition and history of a proud, sincere and romantic land at the same time!

Tour guidati di Siena e dintorni: Piazza del Campo, cuore pulsante della città.
Siena walking tour: a taste of Siena
Un tour alternativo: stemma del terzo di Camollia
Siena slow tour: the hidden Siena
Cattedrale di Siena veduta esterna
Siena Cathedral and its floor
Visita guidata San Gimignano
San Gimignano tour


Val d’Orcia offers an enchanted landscape marked by years of geological history and the constant intervention of man. Even the most distracted traveler cannot fail to dwell on the breathtaking views that he will find in front of him.

Pienza, the perfect town that will you over
Montalcino Sant'Antimo: l'Abbazia vista dal basso
Montalcino tour: more than Brunello


Florence is an open-air museum, but it also has one of the best known museums in the world. Visiting the Uffizi Gallery you will have an art history book at your disposal, narrated with passion by a guide who loves Florence and its artists.
Visita guidata alla galleria degli Uffizi
Uffizi classic tour

saints of tuscany

Saints of Tuscany is a way to discover some of the canonized religious  who were born or have left their life testimony in our territory. Here you will find some tour suggestion to better know them. Browse the gallery!
Chiusi della Verna visita guidata al Santuario
Chiusi della Verna

The mount Amiata

Monte Amiata is an ancient sleeping volcano. Of its past turbulence remain the enormous trachytic boulders, scattered among the beech and chestnut trees that cover its slopes. Browse the gallery!

Le fiaccole magiche ad Abbadia in attesa del Natale
Abbadia San Salvatore: village of torches and miners
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