Uffizi classic tour

Uffizi classic tour

Guided tour of the Uffizi Gallery

A guided tour of the Uffizi Gallery must be done at least once in a lifetime. Certainly the first time you will choose a classic tour, a walk through the splendid pages of an art history book. But I’m sure you will want to return for a thematic itinerary of in-depth analysis.

For my part, I regularly propose the first option, pausing for a moment on the outside. The history of the Uffizi “container” begins with Cosimo I and his trusted architect: Giorgio Vasari. Cosimo I wants to centralize the “offices” of the Florentine magistrates in one place. Vasari, for his part, realizes these offices going as far as the Arno, describing his work with the following words “I have never had anything more difficult, nor more dangerous, built into the wall, founded on the river and almost in the air” .

However, we have to wait for Cosimo I’s son, Francesco I, for the “content” to be born. To tell the truth, we do not know exactly what prompted Francesco to use the upper loggia of the Uffizi as a museum. Did he refer to the French taste of galleries? Or perhaps, much more likely, he liked to create a private refuge for himself to keep the pieces of the art collection most dear to him.

At this point, I’m sure you can’t wait any longer, and we just have to go up for a first chronological visit to the rooms. The gallery already makes a show in the corridors opened by windows to the sunlight and everything is a work of art.

At the beginning of our journey we immediately find three great names of medieval art: Duccio da Boninsegna, Cimabue and Giotto. Three different ways of proposing one of the most representative subjects from the mid-thirteenth century onwards: the Majesty.

The Sienese will play Giotto according to a different sensibility, no less fascinating for this.

However, we should wait for Masaccio, present here with the Sant’Anna Metterza, for the advent of the early Renaissance. And from here on, all the greats that everyone knows will be waiting for us: Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael. After all, admit it, you came for them! But I will also make sure you love the whole collection of the Florentine and Venetian Renaissance in the new layout on the gray and green walls!

And the visit to the rooms of the seventeenth century (not only the great Caravaggio), will transport you to the atmosphere of time! Of course there will be anecdotes about works of art and artists to enjoy art pleasantly!

Cost of the visit: € 20.00 adults; € 5.00 children aged 7 to 15 (whisper included)

Performance: every Tuesday (possibility of agreeing the time), max 10 people.

Cost of the ticket: not included. If you want to buy it yourself click here: https://webshop.b-ticket.com/webshop/webticket/eventlist?production=1



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