The mount Amiata

Monte Amiata is an ancient sleeping volcano. Of its past turbulence remain the enormous trachytic boulders, scattered among the beech and chestnut trees that cover its slopes.

It is a gentle mountain, where the bond between man and nature is still strong today, despite the modernity brought by the mining activity that developed in the 60s and 70s.

On the slopes of Monte Amiata, fortresses and castles are made of dark volcanic stone. Here the alleys of the villages still speak “strongly” of the Middle Ages. Instead, it is enough to move into the woods to fully enjoy a whole series of amplified sensations: the scent of the undergrowth, the softness of the moss, the babble of the leaves, the crunch of the branches.

On Monte Amiata you can choose whether to visit the most famous villages: Abbadia San Salvatore and its suggestive Abbey; Piancastagnaio with the Rocca Aldobrandesca and its churches; Santa Fiora, with an important past that you don’t expect and its enchanting Peschiera; Arcidosso and the story of the visionary David Lazzeretti.

Or you can try your hand at pleasant and relaxing excursions in the midst of beech and chestnut trees.

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