Chiusi della Verna

Chiusi della Verna

Nature and spirituality

Chiusi della Verna is a place of majestic beauty, where, in 1224, Saint Francis “took from Christ himself the final seal (the Stigmata), which on his limbs he bore for two whole years” as Dante puts it.

The charm of this place has remained clearly intact throughout history.

Whether you visit it as a “pilgrim” or you visit it simply as a “traveller”, you will be overcome by the sense of spirituality that pervades this sacred place, by the stories connected with it, or simply by the scenery that seduced Michelangelo himself.

The tour will take in all the sites linked with Saint Francis’ stay in La Verna, beginning with the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, which was based on the Porziuncola in Assisi on Francis’ request in 1216 and which houses three magnificent pieces by Della Robbia.

Them we will continue to the Chapel of the Stigmata, erected on the site of the miracle in 1263; the bed or rather the very hard stone that the saint used as a pallet bed; and the Sasso Spicco (split rock), Francis’ preferred place of solitude that he took from the devil.

Of course, depending on opening times, a visit to the free-entry museum is a must, where the highlight is a room dedicated to pharmacy and common fire.



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