Siena Cathedral and its floor

Siena Cathedral and its floor

The great beauty

Siena Cathedral was described by John Ruskin as “the most extraordinary church” that he had ever seen in Italy. It was intended to outrival that of Florence in size and beauty, not by chance.

Unfortunately that Sienese dream was shattered in the middle of the XIV century, although the considerably downsized final result is nonetheless extremely strinking.

It is quite natural to feel unsettled, as Richard Wagner was, as soon as one steps into the church, actually. One cannot know where to direct one’s gaze, so rich are the adornments, sculptures, canvanses, fine marbles and paintings on wood.

We will start our itinerary with the magnificent floor which combines technical skills and subtle allegories.
Then we will move on to examine some of the many masterpieces: from the Piccolomini library, frescoed by Pinturicchio and a young Raphael, to Donatello’s John the Baptist, and the baroque sculptures by G. Lorenzo Bernini.

If, however, as I am, you are fascinated by sculptures, you will also find statues by the budding Michelangelo, elegant fonts by Antonio Federighi  and the extraordinary ambon by Nicola Pisano, one of the greatest creations of the XIII century.

Naturally, we will not neglet the works by the many Sienese artist who have made their proud contribution to the Cathedral over the centuries.



  • Guided visit to the OPA Museum + Crypte + Facciatone


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    The visit has a maximum duration of 2 hours and costs 20,00 € per person when the floor is covered, 25 € when the floor is uncovered, 5 € for children under 18.

    The price of the entrance ticket to the Cathedral is not included. See it at the end of the link page:
    Opera del Duomo


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