On the pilgrim's way: back in time

On the pilgrim's way

Back in time

On the pilgrim’s way: Siena seen through the eyes of a medieval pilgrim.

Above all, this is an enjoyable way to find out about the world of the pilgrims who made their way along the Via Francigena, which stretched from Canterbury to Rome. It is also the perfect way to savour the medieval features of the city.

Like the wayfarers of the past, we will enter the city through Porta Camollia, highlighting the reasons that spurred those medieval pilgrims to set out and the dangers they faced along the way.

To begin, we will make our way along the virtually unaltered route of the Via Francigena through the city.

We will pause at the Church of San Pietro alla Magione, where you will be intrigued by several enigmas and hidden treasures. This was a dwelling-place of the Knights Templar whose presence has always brought with it an air of mystery.

Further on, our journey will continue towards Santa Maria della Scala, where we will stop at the so-called “Crypt” of the Duomo. This is a fascinating place which was rediscovered at the end of the last century, where pilgrims probably waited in a sort of spiritual preparation before entering the Cathedral.

After this, opposite the remarkable, majestic Cathedral we will encounter Santa Maria della Scala, the oldest medieval hospital still standing.

Created to offer shelter to pilgrims, the poor, the sick and, not last, abandoned children, it was the ideal place for “medieval travellers” to rest and be taken care of.

It was organized in a way which was extremely efficient for the times and we will enjoy discovering the pictorial history of this centuries-old institution with its real and imaginary protagonists as we uncover curious details about clothing and medicine of the age depicted in the frescoes by Domenico di Bartolo in the main area, the hall known as the Pellegrinaio.

Duration: approx. 1 hour 30 mins – 2 hours

Not included the entrance ticket to the Santa Maria della Scala: see it here



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