Hiking in San Gimignano: in & out

Hiking in San Gimignano

In & out

Hiking in San Gimignano is a suitable walk for everyone, with climbs of 200 m or more. We will set off from Fattoria di Pietrafitta, which dates far back in history.

Mentioned in documents from 961 AD, when it was part of the Fosci feud owned by Marquis Ugo di Toscana, the name Pietrafitta derives from the military boundary stone marking out its territory. The estate consists of nine farms spread out around the sixteenth century villa, whose chapel is the work of the Florentina Bernardo Buontalenti.

Next we will move on towards San Gimignano on a path giving us a scenic view of the countryside shaped by olive groves and Vernaccia vineyards, villas and farmhouses where the rhythm of a life governed by nature flows gently on over the centuries.

As we advance, the commanding towers will begin to stand out more and more clearly before us.

After a well-deserved break just outside the walls, we will be able to stroll at last, taking in the atmosphere of the main street and surrounding alleys, the walls and the Rocca Montestaffoli, ideal spot from which to enjoy breathtaking views over the town and Val d’Elsa.

The Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta (commonly known as the Duomo) is certainly well worth a visit. Its treasures include the Santa Fina chapel, with frescoes painted by Ghirlandaio and the walls of the nave with interesting scenes from the Old and New Testaments.

Not to be missed is a visit to the Chiesa di S. Agostino (St. Augustine). You can find all further details here:

Hiking in San Gimignano: suitable for everyone, experience it all in one breath!


  • Duration: 3,30 – 4 hours overalle (under 2,00 hours excursion, max 2 hours guided visit)
  • Lenght: 5 km
  • Difficulty: easy



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