From San Quirico to Bagno Vignoni: full relaxation

From San Quirico to Bagno Vignoni

Full relaxation

From San Quirico to Bagno Vignoni, along the tracks of the Via Francigena: an easy hike full of surprises!
Firstly we will visit the village of San Quirico, our starting point. Here we are on a small hill, above the remains of the former village of Osanna, from where we can catch sight of remarkable views of the surrounding countryside, where olive trees, some of which are centuries old, are the most common crop, interspersed with fields of grain and rows of cypress trees.

Although the earliest document to confirm that a church stood on this spot dates back to the VIII century and the Dutch academic Van der Meer attests that the village already existed between the III and II century B.C., it was in the Middle Ages that San Quirico gained importance. This was simply because the village became an important stop on the Via Francigena where pilgrims could find assistance and hospitality.

The main focus of our visit will be the Collegiata, dedicated to Saints Quirico and Giulitta. An example of Romanesque architecture with more recent additions, the church is adornedwith a magnificent XII century Romanesque doorway decorated with numerous symbolic animals.

We will then stop briefly at the Church of San Francesco (Saint Francis), where we can see the terracotta statue by Andrea della Robbia, moved here from the Chapel of the Madonna
di Vitaleta. We will then move on towards Bagno Vignoni, passing through the charming Vignoni Alto, with its lovely XI century castle, a former stronghold which once belonged to the Abbey of

We will go on downhill to the famous, entrancing thermal spa near the River Orcia. Beloved of the Etruscans and the Romans, the baths are truly unique!

This is the only place where you can find a thermal bath in the main square. This fascinating feature and the beneficial properties of the waters resulted in visits to the spa by notable figures including St. Catherine of Siena, Pope Pius II who founded the town of Pienza and Lorenzo Il Magnifico.
We will uncover their stories together …

Duration: approx. 4 – 4.30 hours overall (approx. 2.30 hours excursion, 1.30 hours guided
Lenght: 6 km

Difficulty: easy




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