Montepulciano experience: pearl of the renaissance

Montepulciano experience

Pearl of the renaissance

Montepulciano experience is a guided tour of the town whose Renaissance characteristics are the most representative in the whole medieval province of Siena.

After years of dispute between Siena and Florence, in 1511 this town of Etruscan origin fell permanently within the Florentine sphere in interest.

As a result, the town underwent a process of urban development, beginning with Piazza Grande.

So, in order to create an area reserved for the institutions of the time, all commercial activity was moved to Piazza delle Erbe.

Basically,  Piazza Grande is now one of Italy’s most beautiful and unquestionably fascinating squares. Here we can find what is practically a copy of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, the cathedral with its splendid interior and an eye-catching as well. It also boasts residential buildings designed by the top architects of the times.

Montepulciano, Italy -January 3, 2019: Christmas Market in Montepulciano. Tourists in the Christmas market. Historical centre with Christmas tree and Christmas decorations in Montepulciano.

While the square is the most natural place to end the tour, visiting the Duomo (with its triptych: a masterpiece by Taddeo di Bartolo, and the moving funerary monument to Bartolomeo Aragazzi), our itinerary starts at Porta delle Farine.

The nearby birthplace of Agnolo Poliziano provides an opportunity to look into the story of this “refined” poet, a friend of Lorenzo il Magnifico.

Following this, during our walk along the Corso we will be able to pause at the historicCaffè Poliziano”, in alleys with panoramic views and at churches with their magnificent façades.

After all that, what would you say to rounding of this unforgettable experience by tasting a glass of excellent “Vino Nobile” at one of the many historic wine cellars in the centre? 😉


  • Visit to the Temple of San Biagio
  • Try also my trekking in the surroundings


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