Piero della Francesca tour: in search of his light

Tour Piero della Francesca

In search of his light

Piero della Francesca left a mark on Arezzo, where he painted one of the highest examples of Renaissance painting: the Legend of the True Cross. The frescos were executed between 1452 and 1466 in the Bacci Cahepl inside the church of St. Francis.

Using his main tools, zenithal light, colour and perspective, Piero fixed on the walls of the chapel the series of events linked to the wood used for Jesus Christ’s cross.

Through time jumps, successions of sophisticated court scenes and battles lacking of pathos yet full of holiness, Piero didn’t depict the scenes as a chronological sequence. This made the cycle apparently a little bit difficult to understand, but absolutely fascinated.

Inside the Arezzo Cathedral, the Magdalene, which is another masterpice by Piero.  We will find out about its artistic significance and muche more…

In Monterchi another famous painting by Piero, Madonna od Parturition, is preserved in all ill-suited place (a school).  First, we will talk about its transfers from its original site. Than we will examine its iconography.

Concluding our Piero’s tour, we will be in Sansepolcro, his hometown. The Resurrection, one of his most popular artworks, is still a mistery regarding the datation and original location.


  • Guided visit to Arezzo or Sansepolcro


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