Catherine of Siena: The anorexic Saint

Catherine of Siena

The anorexic Saint

Inspired, determined and passionate tertiary (of the Domenican Order), Catherine of Siena was the first woman to be proclaimed Doctor of the Church, Patroness of Europe and Patron of Italy together with St. Francis of Assisi. She was all this, but unlike St. Francis, she failed to forge a long-lastint bond with people, wich, in the case of St. Francis grew in time.

Yet, this illiterate young woman, was able to argue with kings and even taught lessons to Popes through a series of passionate letters. All by herself, she was able to carry out a remarkable work against the rampant corruption of the Church, which was unthinkable for a woman of that time.

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The cross on the staircase marks the point where Saint Catherine, according the tradition, fell pushed by the Devil.
Staircase from the Baptistery to the Cathedral. The cross marks the point where Saint Catherine, according the tradition, fell, pushed by the Devil. In this occasion she lost some of her teeth.

The tour, after focusing on the character and importance or St. Catherine of Siena for Sienese people and for the whole Christianity, will let us discover the places where she’s grown up and worked.



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