Intellectual Cortona

Intellectual Cortona

Discovering Cortona

Cortona was a powerful Etruscan lucumonia (city state), whose origins have become muddied over the course of many different legends. Its cultural energy has always set it apart from others over time and consequently it was this very energy that led to the establishment of the Etruscan Academy by a group of local noble intellectuals  as early as the 17th century in order to promote learning and culture. From this small group, which soon spread beyond the confines of the city walls, came the beginnings of the Etruscan museum.

Of course, even today, the name of the town is still associated with high-calibre events and exhibitions (conferences, Cortona Mix festival, and wine and culture evenings).

Our tour will begin at the top of the hill, teeming with vegetation. It is from here that the town extends downwards and where the church dedicated to St.Margaret is located, the saint so greatly admired by the inhabitants that she was buried here. We will then descend through the Poggio in search of the town centre’s typical little lanes.

This small town  is brimming with churches, so much so that it is impossible to see all of them. Nevertheless, we will visit San Francesco, San Domenico and the cathedral, with a quick pit stop in a further two small but significant churches.

We will then focus our attention on the many historic buildings linked to the Casali family (the Medici of Cortona). Cortona witnessed the birth of famous artists (Luca Signorelli, Pietro da Cortona and Gino Severini), and we will discuss them too, as well as discovering the works that they left behind in their birth town. Our tour will end in the charming Piazza della Repubblica (a former Roman forum) where we can rest in the “shade” of the Palazzo Comunale (the town hall).


  • Visit to the Diocesan Museum which houses the Angelico Annunciation
  • Guided tour to the ancient tombs of Sodo


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