Arezzo Classic Tour

Arezzo Classic Tour

A city full of history

Arezzo classic tour is the ideal tour to discover an unpretentious city as Arezzo is.

A guided visit, in fact, may reserves many pleasent surprises. For istance, you will discover Piazza San Domenico: one of the most suggestive corners of Arezzo.

Maybe not everyone knows that the church built by Dominican friars hosts one of the masterpiece of Italian art: the painted cross by Cimabue in the 2nd half of XIII century.



Arezzo e il Casentino. Foto di Piazza Grande
Veduta suggestiva del lato occidentale di Piazza Grande in Arezzo. Da sinistra verso destra è riconoscibile l'abside della Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta, la facciata severa settecentesca del Palazzo del Tribunale e il ricco ed eterogeneo Palazzo di Fraternita. Vero metà della foto, spostata verso destra, è riconoscibile la copia dell'antico "petrone", la pietra dove venivano affissi i bandi comunali. Pronti per proseguire in Casentino?
Basilica di San Domenico: gioiello dimenticato tra le chiese aretine. In posizione defilata, si trova questa interessante chiesa che conserva al suo interno, l'unica croce dipinta perfettamente conservata di Cimabue
Pochi forse sanno che all'interno della Basilica di San Domenico ad Arezzo, dopo il danneggiamento di quella conservata in Santa Croce - Firenze, esiste l'unica croce dipinta rimasta integra di Cimabue.

Following, a must see will be the Cathedral with its “brighter” artworks: the beautiful stained glass windows by Marcillat. The French friar was Aretinian of adoption and he was the first master of Giorgio Vasari.

Going down along the  medieval “Ruga Mastra” (the current Corso Italia) we will visit the Perish Church that houses in its crypt the reliquary bust of San Donato, the saint patron of Arezzo.

Once out, the wonderful view of Piazza Grande will open up before our eyes. That’s there that “The Joust of Saracen” is run, while every first Sunday of the month the appointment of the Antique Fair is renewed.

In a nutshell, this is what awaits us, if there could be, small “variation of the theme” (visit to a craft shop, detour to characteristic alley) will make your visit unique!

Duration: 2 hours


  • Full day guided visit to the city included one museum to choose.
  • Guided visit to the frescoes of “The true Cross” by Piero della Francesca  (reservation required + entrance fee


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